About Us

WVWEF has provided Wyoming Valley West students with scholarship funds and educational opportunities over time. The commitment of this foundation to both its students and to its community can be seen through their dedication in providing every child access to resources necessary for an excellent education experience. WVWEF serves as an outstanding example of how non-profits can achieve great success through providing assistance to communities that require assistance.


Wyoming Valley West Educational Foundation (WVWEF) was created to offer educational opportunities for the students of Wyoming Valley West School District located in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. The foundation strives to promote academic excellence throughout its district by awarding educational grants and scholarships that benefit students, teachers and the surrounding community. Since WVWEF began operations, over $1 Million in scholarships, grants and educational opportunities has been made available to educational programs, educators and students through scholarships, grants and educational opportunities provided through them.


WVWEF serves two main goals: funding worthy educational projects that support student, teacher or school success; and improving academic achievement within Wyoming Valley West School District. WVWEF also provides funding for extracurricular activities like clubs and sports teams as well as special projects with significant impacts in Wyoming Valley West community.


WVWEF also provides several grant and award programs to recognize outstanding achievements by students and educators alike, and acts as an intermediary between Wyoming Valley West School District and its surrounding community. Through various programs offered by its foundation, the foundation ensures


The Board of Directors is charged with devising policies, procedures and strategies to further the mission of the Foundation. Members seek ways to support students and educators as well as get more involved with community involvement efforts. As part of its goal to fund and increase awareness for its various programs, WVW EdFoundation has formed partnerships with local companies, businesses, and organizations in order to bring funding and raise awareness of its activities.


The Pennsylvania Educational Foundation Network (PEFN) is an alliance of educational foundations across Pennsylvania that collaborate to leverage an ever-expanding network of organizational, in-kind, and financial resources in support of educational programs and initiatives. WVW EdFoundation has made great strides through this partnership to gain new supporters and donors, expanding its base.


Since its formation, Wyoming Valley West Educational Foundation has become an established organization with an unparalleled commitment to supporting all students and staff members succeed. The Wyoming Valley West Foundation is dedicated to offering continuing educational opportunities and financial assistance for Wyoming Valley West School District as well as serving its surrounding community